Added to my Bucket List...

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 Credit: Annie Griffiths Belt of National Geographic

photos: here and here

I mean, Honestly?! 
This amazing place is called Devil's pool in between Zimbabwe and Zambia. At the top of Victoria falls, there is this incredible pool of water. During the Months of September and December Travelers can safely swim to the edge of the waterfall without plunging to the bottom...This travel location just made it to my bucket list...

This will be me... one day...

Happy Friday!

Waiting for Fall...

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images via pinterest and we heart it
I seriously can't wait for fall... boots, scarves, gloves and massive amounts of cuddling.


Dreaming of Friday...

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My Husband and I are going away to Santa Barbara this weekend. I am so excited to spend the weekend just us two! I mean, look at these pictures! We are staying at the Canary Hotel in early celebration of our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary...I can't believe it's already been a year!

Is it Friday yet?!

Trying to be...Worry Free

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The Most Amazing Living Room

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Totally unassuming, Right?

Then This happens! 
What kid wouldn't want this in their house?! Sophie Demenge, the founder of the charming children’s line Oeuf, recently did an interview for Martha Stewart Living discussing her trapeze in the Living room. She says that her kids like to swing really high to scare guests. I mean, that is kinda amazing. 

Sheer joy.

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And those Antlers! 
Happy Almost Friday!