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Over the weekend,   I had to pleasure of being shown some Ukrainian Pysanky eggs. I was absolutely in awe of the detail and craftsmanship that one of these eggs contains.  Then I found out the steps that one has to go through to make these eggs, and I have to say they truly are a work of art.



From the Ukrainian Museum:
Easter egg, pysanka, decorating is one of the most interesting expressions of Ukrainian folk art. This tradition is very old and its beginnings reach back to antiquity, when in attempting to understand creation, ancient people developed myths in which the egg was perceived as the source of life, the sun and the universe. Although such similar myths are found in many cultures of the word, Ukrainians today are one of the few groups of people who still strongly adhere to many of the ancient traditions associated with the egg.
The symbolic ornamentation of the pysanky consists of geometric motifs, with some animal and plant elements. The most important motif is the stylized symbol of the sun, which is seen as a broken cross, triangle, an eight point rosette or a star. Other popular motifs are endless lines, stylized flowers, leaves, the tree of life and also some animal figures such as stags, horses or birds. The Christian influence brought elements such as the cross, the church and fish.
here is an amazing tutorial on how to make these beautiful eggs.
Happy Tuesday!

Happy Friday

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Happy weekend!!!
I am so excited for this weekend. We get to hang out with this lovely lady , who took the image above and do a little friday night photoshoot. I get to see a friend that i havent seen in a long time. I can't say who because her family has no idea she is here!  we have a couple of DIY projects this weekend so hopefully I will remember to photograph them!
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Have a wonderful weekend

Sweet dreams, little one

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Before this goes any I'm not pregnant. 
These baby nurseries have me seriously wanting to make our guest room into a nursery!
I love how simple and subtle some of these rooms are. 
It's never too early to prepare!!!

Happy Wednesday!


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Wow! I cannot believe it’s April already!
It’s going to be my last year of my twenties! I have to make it a good one!
Ive decided to start a new series idea that I got from Daniella Marie called This month. It’s just a couple of things that I’m excited and anticipationg for the upcoming month.
Happy April!
Happy Monday!