Summer is here...

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Happy Long weekend!! 

Love me some Burlap.

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I absolutely love, love, LOVE burlap. Its so simple and rustic. Its a great way to add a little variety to an all white room. Its great for lampshades, pillows, bedding table runners and looks fantastic on club chairs! Burlap and canvas bags are awesome for summer beach trips!! Not to mention Burlap is very inexpensive and great for DIY projects: vase covers, table runners, simple pillows and oh-so-cute banners for parties or the holidays!

ode to my besties...

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After a great weekend with my best friends, both on the phone and in person, I have my friends on my mind.
I am so blessed to have you all in my life. I love how we can not hang out for months...and with in one hour be back where we left off. With all the things pressing on all our minds...let it be weddings, new jobs, babies or new boys...don't ever stop being you, and never ever forget to be awesome. 

I love you all.

Friday wishes...

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This is all i want to do all weekend long.

Happy Friday!!!

Mess it up!

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I have never been one to spend much time on my hair...However, These looks make the effortless "messy" look oh so pretty. Make sure you check out the how-to step by step below for the messy pony!


Michael kors

seventeen magazine

Love this Hair idea from Cup of Joe. I think I just found my go to hair style!

Happy Tuesday!

Just a little break...

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After a day like today... this is where i want to be.

"Hi Muhhhma's Mama!"

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I have always been told that i look like my mother. I joke and tell people that i am her exact carbon copy. And honestly, If i look like her when i am her age, i can only be so lucky.

My Mother at 17 years old

My mom was homecoming queen...

 Our family photo..pure California style 

My sister and me with our mom on her wedding day.
Doesn't she look gorgeous?

 Did i mention she's a Grandma...with her Two grandkids, Brodie and Lotte

 and now to the woman who i hold in the highest regard. My grandmother. Thats her in the middle with my brother on her lap...looking up to no good none the less. Behind her is her brood- minus two! Thats Right...My mother was one of eight.
 I recently asked my grandmother how many kids she had when she was my the time i was 25...and she looked in the air, and said so matter-of-factly, "four...i had four." and as my jaw dropped, i realized, at that time, she was only half way done.  With none of her kids in jail...or addicted to drugs...She managed to have 8 aunts and uncles. I can only hope that I have an inkling of her motherly- kid raising skills, and can be half the woman she was...and still is.
Most Importantly, in this picture...are all of my aunts. 
Happy Mothers day to you all.
You have all taught me serious life lessons who made me the person I am today. 
Thank you for being in my life, and being an important part of my mother's.



Happy Mothers Day Mom. 
I love you...More than you know, and more than I show.

He's not perfect...thanks Bob.

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Ever thine, ever mine...

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source unknown via erin ever after

Four Months from now i will marry my best friend. I cannot wait for the journey that awaits us.

Happy Weekend!

Life without walls

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The arched windows and unfinished ceiling are what draw me to lofts. Can you imagine the night time view?

The fireplace as the focal point in this loft makes a large space feel cozy.

The two images above are for my brother. He recently just got a loft in Colorado. When I saw this Loft, I immediately saw him living there. The vintage furniture with the white walls and large prints give this space a great mixture of new and old. Its got just enough Bauhaus for me.

I have always had a design crush on lofts. I mean what more could a designer want? No walls = no rules. A Loft has endless possibilities-a blank canvas. I love the industrial, unfinished look of the buildings. The unfinished exterior with a finished interior. Its a perfect relationship.

This last image is a rendering of one of my very first school design projects. Only a made up space, but a space that I made up, and would live in in a heart beat...and oh's a loft too!!!

ooo la la

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Lately I have been obsessing over french doors. I want them everywhere in my house. They make everything seems so open and airy and they make any room look cozy and inviting.
enjoy the eye candy...

French doors in a bathroom slash walk-in closet? This makes my heart swoon

house beautiful

House beautiful
These oversized drapes are a little unexpected treat in this all white kitchen.

The light and high ceilings of this living room literally made me sigh.

I love the mixture of unfinished brick with the polished and perfect french doors. 

house beautiful
I would never leave this bed.


The shutters ar a nice touch to this room.
Happy Tuesday!