The easiest dinner ever

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The best enchiladas ever.

This enchilada recipie comes from my MIL. It was actually one of the first recipies I learned!
 I love it, and what makes it even better is the boys like it too! 
Its so easy and quick I make it quite often.
I try to make it a little bit healthier by using turkey meat instead of beef, corn tortillas instead of flour, but flour tortillas really make this recipie great.
I also add a TON of cheese because, well... I loooooove cheese. 
You can also make this recipie with red Las Palmas enchilada sauce, but We tend to like the green sauce more. 

(2) packages of tortillas, depending on how many you want.
Las Palmas green or red enchilada sauce
1lb of turkey meat or ground beef
a bag of shredded cheese, cheddar or white cheese

sour cream

STEP 1: brown your meat and preheat oven to about 350 or up to 400 . This doesnt really matter though, it's just to melt and brown the cheese, obviously the higher the heat, the faster it will cook.

STEP 2, 3, 4, 5: Take a tortilla and place in your hand. Take tongs or spoon and grab a little bit of meat and place in the center of the tortilla kind of like a taco, then drizzle cheese on top of the meat. Roll like a burrito and pin with a tooth pick.

15FwlM on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

STEP 6: Place rolled enchiladas in an oven safe pan.

 STEP 7: Pour green sauce ALL over and cover the enchiladas.


STEP 8: Place in oven until the cheese looks something like this...mmmmm.

STEP 9: Serve with avacado and sour cream, or nothing at all! 

Super easy dinner! 

Happy Wednesday!




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This. show. is. amazing.
If you haven't yet seen the show GIRLS on HBO. You should.
I just finished watching both seasons, and I'm already going through withdrawls.
Lena Dunham. I love you.
I found this blooper reel which made me so incredibly happy, I had to share.

Happy Tuesday!

A quick DIY painting

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Sorry i didnt take step by step pictures, I just had a half an hour and an empty canvas and made a quick painting!
Super easy!
Step1: prep canvas with tape in what ever pattern you like.
Step 2: spray paint or just paint background color.
Step 3: paint an overlay pattern 
Step 4: wait till dry and remove paint and revel in your amazingness. 

Happy Friday!

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It's finally Friday!
and man oh man does today feel like a Friday!
The hubby and I are planning on watching basketball ( him not me.. come on..) and spending time with visiting family and doing a little studying.
I learned a new fact today: Christopher Walken insists on dance numbers in all his movies.
Here are a couple awesome and interactive links from around the web...
Have an amazing weekend.

Emerald City

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Pantone color of the year is Emerald.
Maybe because it's March or Maybe because St. Paddy's Day just passed, but I'm seriously crushing on this color.
Happy Tuesday!






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Seriously crushing on some army green. 

happy monday.

52 Lists update

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A couple weeks ago, I did a post about a series from Moorea Seals Blog called 52 weeks.
I sincerely enjoy doing these lists, and i'm sorry I haven't updated them in a while, but here are my weeks 2-10. 
You can download all her pdfs to create your own lists here.

 photo E0CD2D4C-B74A-46D2-BBCA-17463557F3CC-988-000000A5D90A6D47_zpsc1aa1682.jpg

 photo 7B4B4F71-8B6F-435A-84DA-B90E1E7D6E25-988-000000A5D56AF95D_zps3e6bcbed.jpg

 photo 769F3937-35A3-441A-A96D-E85907F9F651-988-000000A5D1B910DA_zps3a20ed78.jpg

 photo D1E42A96-9822-48DF-B64D-AACD27D5B1C1-988-000000A5C1014CCE_zps1967a60d.jpg

 photo 0ACFC13B-3BB6-40D3-930A-8681EDDA3097-988-000000A5C596FAE9_zps1ac4c32a.jpg

 photo C6AEBFC3-A2A6-4A5F-89DC-97A93733A324-988-000000A5CA1CA627_zps742ed983.jpg

 photo A9DDB8C5-231B-46B4-BEDC-78CC08823CF2-988-000000A5CE009E37_zps01674197.jpg

 photo 8A53BFA3-E5C4-4DFF-9BB1-8EBAAFF92222-988-000000A5BD73F919_zpse604be9c.jpg

 photo 54B433C1-F841-4639-832D-9D8DD93363C4-988-000000A5B927383F_zpsa5426f91.jpg

Phew! if you are still here thanks for reading! I know it was alot! i just wanted to get caught up! 
If you are having problems setting goals, remembering who you are, or just plain thinking straight, I highly recommend this series. I am a firm believer that if you want something or need to get something out, writing it down is a away to put it in the universe to either manifest great things, or simply to get rid of hindering things. 

Happy Wednesday!

Work it out... LA kings style

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 I got this shirt from a Kings game giveaway, and they only had extra large. womp womp.

Then, I found this amazing DIY post  and I wanted to give it a go.

I tweeked it a lil...

step one: cut off sleeves, bottom hem and colar.

Step two: trim out the sleeves and neckline accordingly. I used another work out tank I love as a guide line.

Step three: cut a deep v in the back of the shirt. I made mine really deep so there would be a keyhole in the bottom. 

Step four: take the hem that you cut off cut it so that it's one long string, then pull and stretch to make it longer. 

Step five: pinch the back "straps" of the back of your tank and take the string from the hem and tie it in a knot right about where your sports bra splits, or where ever is comfortable for you.

Step six: here's where is can get a bit tricky. I did a cris cross wrap to make the pinched back. sorry I didn't take a picture, but here's a couple drawings I did to try to explain. 

Step Seven: tie a double knot at the bottom and cut excess string or tie in a bow. you can also cut the bottom of the shirt to be angled like the original DIY, but I opted not to. 

Step eight: Work it out and Go kings Go!!!

Happy Tuesday! 



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I needed this little gem of wisdom today.
I'm starting to realize that the more I look for what I need, the more I realize that I already have it.
Thank you to those of you who reached out to me on Monday- you know who you are. I love you all.
Happy Wednesday!


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I apologize for the wordy post, and lack of posts lately...
I have always considered myself to be a confident, strong and sexy woman . I’ve never had a problem standing up for myself, motivating myself, doing things for myself, or commanding attention. But lately, I feel it slipping away. I have no clue where it’s coming from but I feel like I need to get it out in the universe so I can get it out of my system. This is in no way a cry for help or fishing for complements, I simply need to get it out of my head.
I feel the stress from work, from home and from myself slowly chipping away at me, and I am slowly letting it. I just can’t seem to find the time to do the things I want, or the things I need to feel centered and to feel balance in my life. I find myself wanting to do so many things at once that I get overwhelmed and I don’t do any of them. Between studying for the IDEX exam, the need to work out, maintaining my friendships, trying to live a healthy lifestyle, trying to leave work at work, and the desire to be present in my marriage, I am exhausted. For the first time I can ever remember, I could not get out of bed a couple weekends ago. I was completely emotionally and physically exhausted.
I don’t know who this person is. I’m taking jokes personally, I feel inadequate, I’m starting fights for no reason ( I’m sorry babe), I find myself so unmotivated that I literally don’t want to do anything.  Yet, my inner voice feels like I am screaming at myself “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??!”
I feel sad, ugly, out of shape, sensitive, lazy, guilty and alone.
I want to feel happy, empowered, centered, sexy, beautiful, free and healthy.
I know that I am all of these things, but I want to feel them.
I am in serious need of a “get back on track plan”
I would love to hear any plans for a “stay motivated and suck it up plan.”
Maybe that’s just it. Stay motivated and suck it up.
Happy Monday?