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Happy Thanksgiving. 

May you spend today with your loved ones and remember how truely blessed we are.

Clutch Player

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I have seriously been craving a clutch lately- says the oversized bag lady.
Weird. I know.
I'm pretty sure I would give my left arm for No.6. Marc Jacobs has my Number.

Chalk in Art

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I have been so drawn to the Art of Chalkboard writing and signage by Dana Tanamachi.
Her signs totally inspire me to do my own chalkboard art!


Images Via Pinterest
These rooms with a dramatic black wall make me swoon.
Chalk or black walls, I think I need to have this in my home. 
Happy Wednesday!

Follow your bliss

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Happy Friday

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Happy Friday!

This weekend I am going to be busy Lil' Bee! I hope you have a more relaxing weekend planned than I do! 
Here are a few links from around the web!
Great Photo Bombs.
Need a letter of Apology? or a Formal Love Letter?
Planning to remodel you space? use this.

An amazing water bottle. 

Art for the Fall. 

I NEED these books.

Cute Computer accessories.

Some times it's the smallest things...

Have a wonderful weekend!

A little flat

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I recently found in hole in my trusty flats (ugh! annoying), so I decided to find replacements.
I lam head over heels for these!
no pun intended.
A little different than the classic black flat.

I love this outfit! dressy shirt with ripped Jeans and simple flats.

Happy Thursday!

iPhone Love

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Recently I had a friend give me this out-of-nowhere gift for my phone. 

 you can get it here.

I absoultely love it! It comes with this cute wallpaper for your phone too! 

I since then have found a few awesome accessories for the iPhone.

Bunny tails! Doubles as a stand too! I love this Silver one! 
There are so many other colors too.

ear phone plugs!

I always put my ID in the back of my phone. These cases were made for me. 

This one is a little more girly- and I love it

This case is by a company called carved. I highly recommend you check out their website. you can personalize them too!

This Charger is at the top of my xmas list...I love a stack of books on my nightstand, and this would be the best kind to ad to the stack!

This "Dock Smith" is absolutely amazing. Check out his store. By far the most naturally beautiful iphone docks i have ever seen.
Never too early to Shop for Xmas!

Happy Wednesday!

Ikea Amazingness

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I had been looking for quite some time for some small nightstands for the guest bedroom in our house and was coming up empty handed. 
I didn't want to spend a lot of money.
 I wanted something that looked good. 
I originally thought about getting and hacking the one that everyone hacks,like the one below, but once I found it in Ikea, I didn't like it.
 I was so disappointed.

Plus that much DIY seemed a bit much for a nightstand that I didn't even like. 
I have always loved these cute folding bistro sets.
So I kept wandering through Ikea and I found the most amazing little set.
Just like these.

They were a great height and width, and I love an unexpected nightstand.

Additionally, I bought small wire baskets to go underneath for Blanket storage, or pillow storage. It fit perfectly. 
I absolutely love them. 
What i love even more is that each of these tables were only 19.99!! 
with the baskets total was a little under 50.00! 
you can find them here.

Hope you have a Wonderful Tuesday!

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

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This Recipe came from a Salad recipe that I made up on the fly. I just love the Trader Joe's Bruschetta Sauce so much, I had to find other ways to use it!
For the salad: use sauce as dressing, salad, avocados, almonds and any kind of meat. I could eat this 8 times a week!
If you are trying to live Paleo, skip the cheese!  Both recipes are good to try!

Here is what you need:
(1)    Spaghetti squash
(1)    Container of Trader Joe’s Fresh Bruschetta mix
(1)    Cup of sliced almonds
(1)    Cup of shredded Parmesan cheese.
Italian spices (you can sub whatever you like here)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

First, start by cutting your Spaghetti squash in half. Brush, drizzle or sprinkle your olive oil onto both of the insides of your squash and then sprinkle your spices and a little bit of salt and pepper.
Set your oven to 375 and let your squash cook until you can easily poke it with a fork.
Once your spaghetti squash is tender, take out of the oven and shred the “noodles” with a fork. I do this over a pot. The less to clean up the better!  I also use an oven mitt to hold each half cause they will be hot!

Once the squash is completely shredded simply dump the bruschetta mix into the pot, heat a little longer, and then serve on a plate. Top it off with almonds and Parmesan cheese, and you are finished. Easy healthy meal!
Happy Monday!

Happy Friday

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Finally this weekend is here!
With Halloween in the middle of the week, the candy and festive fun at work, this week seemed to be filled with four bittersweet fridays and one real one. 
I am glad to hear that things are looking up for the East Coast. 
It's funny, I had a friend say she felt like she was being too nice by letting her door open to complete strangers who didn't have power or running water and for asking people if they needed anything... I can only hope that everyone is worried about being too nice.
All of the East Coast, you are in my prayers and thoughts.  

Here are a Few links I found while stumbling through the Web:

I am obsessed with this song.

having a bad day? this will help.

A funny doormat.

a chair for lovers.

Started a new book. Have you read it??

Love citrus? you absolutely need this.

Some pretty amazing rooms.

Have an amazing weekend.

Hello November

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Well see ya later, October. 
This past month I tried out a new plan of attack on my life. I found out that in order to be inspired I needed to surround myself with inspiring people. 
So last month I joined two "clubs."
First, I joined a gym. I started out by just wanting to be inspired by the "fit" people working out and now, I want to be my own inspiration. I'm working on being my own success story.

Second, I joined The Roost Tribe. If you have a blog, it's pretty amazing. She sends you tips, tutorials and neat downloads for you to use on your own blog. 
So with all this new knowledge, I spruced up my blog, added a couple of features and made my blog look the best it has since I started. 
If you remembered this post, I vowed to be more consistant with my posts and Journaling. Only took me three quarters of the year, but I decided to be more organized with my blog and in turn, it helped me be more organized in life. 

I found this amazing calendar.

Image via Brandi girl blog

You can find it here.
Brandigirl blog has amazing freebies for you bloggers out there!
This calendar not only helped me be more organized with my blog, but helped me plan out dinners, workouts, and other events that would have otherwise slipped my pre-unorganized life. 
I mean, it not only helped me orgainze blog posts through October but I now have all my posts thru January. 

I highly recommend it!!