Busy lil' bee...

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In the middle of painting...purging...and making our house pretty...
hopefully be back soon with some befores and afters...

I'm a good little hand holder...huh dad?

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 I use to say that to my dad when i was little...

My Dad makes the big move from California to Connecticut tomorrow...

Our House looks like this.....

And i feel like the apple on the right...

I am sooo happy for my dad, yet i know i will feel completely lost with out him...
not to mention, fathers day with out my father...:(

I love you dad

Sorry for the somber post, But happy weekened to everyone!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I am officially making a habit! Wednesdays are turning into what i'm loving wednesdays...and today...i'm loving empty frames. if they are pretty on their own..why put anything in them?! You don't have to!!

This idea is an easy DIY project. a little white paint, old book pages, scissors and old flea market frames, and you are in business!

or a little yellow paint..

neon green paint...and a cute dog...

I love the mix of old pictures, and framed objects.

Perfect for over the bed...frame your zzzz's! 

frame a frame around a frame! and the gold...::sigh::

This was my own little frame purchased from my dear friend Kathy- a flea market pro- i was going to frame the wall paper paintings (a diy project i did in less then two hours!!), But decided not to... This wall was a "lets see how it looks" and now, its starting to grow on me! I guess once i collect more frames, we will make my oh so pretty white friend not so lonely!

Happy Wednesday! 

Its been a long weekend...

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I absolutely love this illustration found while stumbling through we heart it
My soon-to-be-husband comes home tomorrow morning after a long...maybe a little too long bachelor party. Although I didnt miss the snoring, I definitely missed this. 
Hope you all had a good weekend!

yes please!!

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Twist it up!

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Enjoy this hair tutorial from the beauty department and Lauren Conrad!

Happy Sunday!!

The bride wore white

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Picked up my wedding dress on friday!
Its getting so close!!

*none of these are my dress...come on now.

La Famila

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 Today i spent time with my Dad's side of the family. My Father's Family History is not only intriguing, but it is vanishing with the elder family members. When I get the chance to thumb through old photos, I find myself lost in a different time. I will always remember my great uncles and my grandfather as loving family men, telanovela watching jokesters. Some of these pictures make them look like such gangsters...

 Check Out these old picture books...they have such beautiful edge details to the images.

 My Grandfather in the middle

How I will always remember them

This picture is of my Uncle Bill. Always makes me smile...

It makes me so proud to know that my family had a hand in such a big part of horse racing and sports history.

They will always have such a swagger to me.
It amazes me how handsome they look, my grandfather on the left ( where i got my cheekbones) my Tio Guillermo on the right, and my Great Grandfather in the middle.

Have a happy weekend!

What I'm loving now...

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I have always been a Monochromatic girl. Black was (and will always be) my go to color. After looking at my recent purchases, Nude, neutral tones and lace have been taking over my life and closet- and I am absolutely loving it. Especially with cognac accessories and shoes...makes me heart swoon. I am brightening up my life with light pinks, nudes and spicey leathers...Who knew!!?