Little birthday

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Happy birthday to my baby sister.
I am so proud of you.
Graduating college and drinking beers in Boston.
You make me laugh, play more and love spending time with you.
You have grown into a beautiful, smart, sassy, take no $@*# individual. No matter where life takes you, know that you are strong and that no one can being you down except yourself. I love you more than ever. And I am more than blessed to call you my sister.

Blog love

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Day 4: profess your love for a fellow blogger. I have had the pleasure to meet a couple of my fellow blog friends. they are life style bloggers, photo bloggers, fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers.

 I find the blog world funny. I see the pictures of people whose blogs I follow, and I love the glimpse of their lives they are allowing the world to see. I find it funny how much I familiarize myself with them.

Like today for instance, I saw the last name of a blogger I follow on a street sign and took a picture for her! As if I was going I send it to her in a text! Ha. I guess it's the thought that counts!

Anyways, here are a couple of blogs I love.

Just beachy by Amanda Boyce.
Amanda is my co worker and fellow blogger friend she is a writer and designer. I love bouncing ideas off of her for my blog. Her love of books, movies, design and Jeremy Renner keep me reading her blog.

Erin ever after by Erin.
This blog is the blog that made me want to start my own blog. I love her pops of color and imagery she uses. Although she doesn't post often, (who is judging... i only posted 4x in April) when she does it's totally worth it.

The daybook by Sydney Poulton
Sydney's blog is funny, adorable and incredibly inspiring. Before she was a mom, she posted fashion posts and awkward stories and I found myself laughing and copying her outfits. Now that she is a mom, I love seeing her mature and shift focus to her little man.

Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard
This blog makes me want to step up my game constantly. Her New York,
laid back style makes me wish I was raised on the East coast. Ok maybe not... But I would love to spend a month with her and learn all her secrets!!

The sign was for you Joanna!

Moorea seal by Moorea Seal
This girl, man. Not only is she an amazing jewelry designer, she is inspiring and so creative. She started the 52 list challenge and reading her lists make me want to be a more balanced person, and actually make my own dreams a reality.

Frankie hearts fashion by Nicole
Nicole has an amazing fashion blog. She has edgy looks, casual looks and romantic looks. the best thing about her blog- it has a shop that you can buy some of the items she actually wears. I had the pleasure of talking to Nicole a couple of years ago, and it's amazing and inspiring how much her blog and business has grown.

I follow a TON of blogs.
check out the side bar for more amazing blogs. 
These are only a few!


Quote me

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Challenge for day 3 is your favorite quotes.
Music lyrics, movie lines, books, spoken words that turn into memories. I have so many that I can't even begin to even remember them all.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from some pretty amazing guys. Gandhi, F. Scott and Bob,


A Little uncomfortable

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The topic for Day 2 was Educate us about something you are good at. I thought about it all day. Should I talk about painting? designing? curling my hair? how good i am at drinking games? I'll do it later...super procrastinator.
I am super good at procrastination, so good,  I'm skipping to day three.
The topic for day 3 is Things that make me uncomfortable.

This made me laugh. I think at least once a day I get sweaty armpits from being uncomfortable. It's a little bit of a joke around my work place. I can honestly say that I get uncomfortable alot. I'm sure it's just me in my own head making myself uncomfortable... but here are just a few things that make me instantly throw my hands under my arms.

1. BUGS: I am absolutely terrified of bugs. spiders, bees, anything with wings. If I see one, I get jumpy, and hot and thus sweaty.
2. INAPPROPRIATE THINGS IN INAPPROPRIATE PLACES: I work in a design firm where i am on the computer all day. I tend to look up things while I'm working- and sometimes, my naive brain thinks the Internet thinks the same way I do, so when I mean to bring up a picture of a baby chicken, and type "cute chick" and a very inappropriate picture of a scantily clad dressed woman pops up on my screen...insta sweat.
3. ALL EYES ON ME: I guess this goes along the lines of public speaking...When I have a very exciting story to tell, or idea to bring up to someone important, or someone says to me in a meeting, " what do you think?" Thousands of things come to my mind. However- the words don't come out right. " yes- I think that's great-you know what I mean?" is what usually comes out. I get confused faces, some smiles, an opportunity blown and active sweat glands.

4. LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY: I don't do this often (unless watching AFV) but when i find something so funny that i cannot stop laughing, I make this ugly cry face, make a horrible laughing sound that resembles a horn, and I cry. Then, when trying to relay to someone what was so funny, it's impossible, enter no. 3 that makes me uncomfortable, and boom. Sweaty Bree.
5. RUDENESS: not so much when people are rude to me, but when I see someone being rude to someone else. It makes me extremely uncomfortable and I wish I had on extra deodorant.
6.BEING TOLD I'M PRETTY BY STRANGERS: Although extremely flattering, I find it very strange. It's not just being told I'm pretty, any compliment in general really- i feel like I'm being judged- good or bad- being judged really makes me uncomfortable.They are looking at me and I don't want to come off as ungrateful, or conceited, so I usually just smile awkwardly which I'm sure makes them want to immediately take back their compliment. I say something awkward, which makes me think said person is judging me, and then - you guessed it- I start to sweat.
That's just a few. hope you enjoyed reading about what makes me sweat.
Happy Friday!

250 words or less

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I decided to join on another challenge for the blogosphere.  A post a day for May. I catching up from yesterday. so here is goes.
 Day 1:The story of me in 250 words or less.

I was born and raised in Ventura County, CA on April 16th 1984.  I am the sister to an older brother and younger sister, daughter to a Mom and Dad who divorced when I was 12.  I look so much like my mom its eerie.  Till this day, I believe the divorce is one of the most pivotal moments in my young life.

My childhood was amazing. I grew up with 11 boys on the street. Being the only girl, I was forced to play hide and seek, street hockey and baseball with the boys. I drank out of hoses and played until the sun went down.
I traveled to Germany with my best friend. Other than my honeymoon, it was the best trip of my life.
After college, I married the man of my dreams in 2011. Seven years together, this past April.  He has taught me how to love and how to be loved. We have a Great Dane, Bruno, who we love like our own child. He makes us laugh every day. We both want a baby more than we can express and are content knowing it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.

I have big dreams of one day owning my own business, designing, creating and making beautiful things. I want to be a mom, a business woman, a fitness guru and an amazing wife. I am learning to count my blessings and realize the difference between things I can change and things I can’t.
250 words. exactly.
Happy Thursday!




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Welp. April came and went. I apologize for the lack of posts for last month. As most of you know, i broke my arm on my birthday beach day. Yes, the beach day I was soo excited about.
 I DO NOT recommend jumping from your trampoline into the pool. The tarp gets really slippery.
I am actually really lucky that I only fractured off a piece of bone, and tore my ligaments. two weeks in a half cast and sling is all I got.
We will be in boston this month, so I will try to post pictures from around the city!
Happy Wednesday!