Oscars Weekend

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I thought this was an amazing recap. 
I absolutely love Cher's.
Happy Thursday! 

Valentine's day Fail

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I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and the topic was Valentines Day Fails. 
I was laughing at many stories of a woman who got new tires from her husband for the car they share, or a girl who received a teddy bear that said "Sh** Bitch, You fine."

It made me think of my own Valentines Day fail. 

About four years ago, My husband (then boyfriend) and I decided not to get Valentines day presents for each other. That day, he had to work and I didn't, so I went to go get a full set of nails done with my friend. He happened to call me while getting them done and here's how our conversation went. 

"Hey babe- what are you doing?"- Dean
"oh nothing...just getting a little surpriiiiise"- Me

So completely forgetting about Valentines day- I knew that my husband loved when I had my nails freshly done and he liked me to scratch his back with my fresh new nails. So the plan was- I would come home, and rub/scratch his back- just simply because he liked it. 

But instead when I came home, I walked into the kitchen to see a HUGE bouquet of flowers, my favorite chocolates, and a huge teddy bear- and my husband standing there saying " Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful!"
He then turned to me and said, "where's my surprise?"
and I instantly started to feel really small. 
All I could do is hold up my hands, giggle and say "I got my nails done."
He was not happy. 
We laugh about it today, and even that day...

It was one of my favorite Valentine's Day ever. 

I would love to hear your V-day Fails!!!


Valentine's Day Gift guide // Vol. 2

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All that glitters is gold...