Midnight confessions

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I confess that night feedings aren't my best moments.
I confess I despise hearing my husband snore so peacefully while I'm awake...
I confess that I have never wanted to give up breast feeding more than I do at our 12-5am feedings.
I confess that I secretly love falling asleep in our rocking chair with her once she is milk drunk.
I confess that I love crawling back into bed feeling successful after putting her back to bed and being cuddled by my husband... Even if it takes an hour. 
I confess that I play cell phone games while feeding her to keep my mind awake. 
I confess that I HATE cleaning all the things it takes to feed my baby...and I cannot wait till I can solely breastfeed. 
I confess that I secretly love seeing her little pouty face get mad when I have to pull her away from me to burp her and she starts to whimper.
I confess that even though at times I doubt myself...I love this. 


Baby stories // week two

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 Two weeks. It's been two weeks since our little girl was born. I can hardly believe how fast the time is going. After having family here to help for the first two weeks, this is my first day "flying solo."  I have to say with dinner in the crock pot, and little Taylor sleeping away, I feel pretty successful. 

Taylor and I have so much to learn and I could not be more thankful for this time we have together. It's amazing how someone so small can take up the entirety of your heart.

Thank you to everyone who provided us with dinner the past weeks. Not only did it help to not have to worry about dinner, but I am so impressed with our friends cooking skills!!! 
Our little family is lucky to have you all in our lives.

Happy Monday!

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