A Few DIY Projects

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Last year, My Father moved across the country and left his home for me and my husband to enjoy while he was starting a new adventure in Connecticut. Being a designer, I instantly wanted to spruce up the house that I was born and raised in. Saddly, I did not take many pictures before we gave the house a face lift with new paint, but here are a couple of projects I did to take up the big wall spaces that were driving me crazy!
Among other things...dont mind the blue carpet...it's going next!!
Its amazing how much a small change can make a big difference. 

Living room wall before:

 Living Room wall After:

a little DIY wall art...
a little inside joke between me and my one and only.

*contact me for pricing or custom pieces*

 Master Bedroom Wall Before:

Master bedroom During:

excuse our laundry!

Master bedroom wall After:
my empty frames are just waiting for me to get my wedding pictures printed...one thing at a time!!


all Images are belong to Bree Klipfel 

Still a work in progress as far as getting accessories to style my new shelves, but I love them!!
The best part is that these Ikea shelves are so easy to hang up...you can do it yourself, but it's nice to have some help!!

Thanks for reading!!

Stripes Everywhere

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I recently fell in love with the look of striped curtains, which lead to a DIY project, which miserably failed. ugh. Even though my striped curtains turned into more abstract stripes then clean stripes, I still can't stop thinking about this look. Maybe I'll just have to settle for a striped clutch, or that striped tray. Or I'll just start drinking out of striped straws from now on to appease my itch to dress everything in stripes! I love the way the striped straw looks in the mason jars. It gives it such a retro feel.

Have a Relaxing Weekend!!


Officially Spring!

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Spring is officially here! 
I absolutely love this time of year...days are getting longer...still a little chilly..but gearing up for summer! This time of year always gets me excited for all the fun filled weekends ahead. With all the new blossoms around, it's hard not to get into a colorfull mood. Its so easy to bring a little spring into your life...adding a bedside bouquet is a great way to jump into spring. The outfit above is going to be my new spring uniform. A pretty flowy shirt, girly flats, a simple clutch and some jewlery pieces that give this oh-so-girly look a little rock edge. 

Coral Summer

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Stepping out of the box...again! I am seriously in love with this coral and nude color combo! Usually i tend to stick with nudes,beiges, creams browns and whites. Those are my staple go to outfits, but lately...I cannot get these colors out of my head!!! Neon or subtle coral mixed with a khaki short might just be my favorite summer outfit!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Gold Rush

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of you know, I'm not usually a silver girl. Lately I have been going through a bit of a gold rush. First I fell in love with oversized gold watches. Now, I've found a new found gilded gold love. Her Name is Jennifer Fisher and I'm officially obsesed with her Jewlery and I'm sure you will too! With customizabe charm neckalces, edgy pendants, cuffs, earrings and rings, Her Jewlery line has something for everyone. 

all images via Jennifer Fisher

One of the pendants that I would personally choose...

I love the way this cluster of pendants looks!

Abstract chevron...I love it...

This bar ring makes me drool...
"Pulse" Ring. makes my heart beat...Literally!

This cuff is amazing.

This Gothic Pendant necklace makes an awesome alternative to the monogram necklaces!

Happy Weekend!!!

A little late...

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Images via pinterest and Tumbler
I may be a little late on the watch and arm party trends, but I am absolutely obsessed with this accessory.
With my Birthday around the corner, I know what just jumped to the top of my list!!

Let there be L-I-G-H-T

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I am absolutley in love with these old vintage signage letters. They are such a great piece to add something interesting and personalized to your home. The best way to find these treasures is at vintage stores and flew markets, but you gotta keep your eyes open! There are some great remakes on Etsy.com like this letter "K," but if you can find one, snatch it up before someone else will!!