Owls and Owling

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The Owl has always been an animal that has intrigued me. 
We have an old rock quarry behind out house, and from time to time we can see them flying from the quarry to the back hills and back late at night when we are in our spa. 
Owls are majestic, mysterious and secretive. They also stand for wisdom, and some believe they are a sign of protection. I wouldn’t mind doing a little "Owling" in my decoration in our home. 
I would definitely use a few of the figurines below...
I see them more and more lately...maybe it’s a good sign! 
Well, what ever they stand for, they inspire me...

Owl Figurines...

Owl art...

"Anthropologie-esque" Owls...

Subtle Owls...

Hidden owls in your coffee...

And Owling. Apparently there is a trend called Owling. Owling is when people pose for pictures by crouching like an owl. Some are pretty funny...Some are sexy!

Even my favorite designer Kelly Wearstler is doing it!
Funny huh?!

Have you tried Owling?


Follow the Green Grass Road...

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"Sigh… I would love to follow this grassy path through the lovely town of Jaujac France! This installation is titled Tapis Rouge, and was created by Marseille based artist GaĆ«lle Villedary. Here’s what Google Translate has to tell us about this gorgeous project:
In the heart of the village of Jaujac, the in situ installation Red Carpet! Celebrates the 10 years of trail Art and Nature, on my path a Artist past … Deploy the symbolic of the tribute, through the village to link the natural spaces on both sides, a link, a path, a trail, connecting the heart of the village and its inhabitants with the valley. The incarnation of the thread which crosses the eras in Jaujac is a sprig of nature, a communion between nature and man, through art."
I though i would re-post this beautiful installation from The Jealous Curator. This is just amazing!!
It just makes me think of The Wizard of Oz's Yellow Brick Road. Maybe this one has a different story!
Happy Monday!

Turquoise dreaming...

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I am loving this color right now!! 
Thought i'd leave you with a few lovely images of this beautiful color!
Enjoy the weekend!!!


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Thought i'd share this funny video about "yogi's." For those of you who don't know what a YOGI is...
a Yogi is a person who is a master of yoga..or a person obsessed with Yoga.
I may not be obsessed with Yoga...But I do like it, and this definitely made me laugh.

Happy Tuesday!

Two for one

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I absolutely love Chevron. With my new found love for gold, this bag is almost the perfect accessory!
you can find it here! 
Dont forget to check out their other great items including some pretty awesome kitchen towels!

Cant put these down!

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Buckey Balls! I know- funny right... until you start playing with them...you won't be able to put them down! They are simply magnetic balls that you can pull apart and do tricks with...sounds simple enough right? 
I love these and i want to get some for everyone! 
Added bonus- they are suppose to be a stress reliever!
check out the tricks you can do with it!

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Now, if every Camper we camped in looked like this, I would go camping every chance i got!!! 
Interior designer Rachel Horn and her husband/Business partner gutted and designed this Airstream camper for their trip to Burning Man, and annual 'creative flow' party in the desert of Nevada. She had never been camping before...so why not make a camper what you want it to be! She calls it "glamping" Brilliant!!
See the New York Times Article here!

Happy New Year!

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Its officially 2012! 
Last year was amazing! A couple of close friends got married...I got married.
More friends..seven to be exact had babies...
My Dad moved across county... so did my best friend.
Alot of changes and a lot of new beginnings.
2011 was amazing and i cannot wait to see what 2012 brings.
For now, i thought i'd share my New Years Resolutions.i figured this way, 
i might stick to them this year!

1. BE INSPIRED: I want to finally take the IDEX exam, and start designing homes and or my own business. Hopefully one day I can be a design icon like Kelly Wearstler. Hotels...a fashion line...accessory line...I can only hope!

2.BE FIT: I need to keep training and not give up on not only trying to be healthy, but to make it through my half marathon in three weeks! Hopefully one day, I can make it to the full marathon!

3.BE MOTIVATED: I need to be motivated in health and fitness, but in life in general!

4. BE A BETTER FRIEND: I plan to visit my Best Friend on the east coast! I always say I will, and  I never do...not this year! Get ready Jill!!!

5. BE HANDY: I want to re-do the back yard and make it a place we can relax in the afternoons. I want to fix it up with my husband and make it our project. Not only the back yard...everything in this house. I want to make it a home...together.

6. BE DOMESTICATED: Speaking of my husband...even though we haven't even been married a year yet, I want to try to be more of a domesticated housewife. As funny as that sounds, we all know i can be a little messy and i can't cook to save my life...which is my next resolution...

7. BE RESOURCEFUL: I plan on cooking more and learning from anything and anyone I can!

8. BE CONSISTENT: I have a ten year journal. Its pretty much one of the best things I have ever bought myself.. I plan on writting about every day, no matter how boring the day may be! A small glimpse of that day for ten years. 

9. BE HAPPY: Life is too short to not be grateful for what God has given me. I am a healthy, loved and blessed person. I have an amazing husband who adores me. I have a family who is incredibly strong. and I have constant reminders of them which make me smile all day long. And being sad is so draining!

I know I had a few!

What are your resolutions?!