Turning 30 isn't so bad....

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This past Wednesday, I celebrated my 30th birthday. I have never felt so loved and blessed to have the life I have. I wasn't scared to turn 30, or worried, I was actually looking forward to it- and it turned out to be the most perfect birthday weekend a girl could ask for.  Here is a quick recap....

On Wednesday, my husband, mom and step dad joined me for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Westlake. Its on the water, the sunset was beautiful and the food was amazing. It was exactly what I wanted. I received a card from my husband that read..." on Friday be ready by 3 pm in formal wear." I racked my brain for the next day to figure out where we could be going...

At 3 pm on Friday- we hopped in the car and started towards Los Angeles... Still with no clue where we were going, I followed my husband around LA till we arrived at a small Bar and pizza joint where I walked in and made this amazing face when I saw our friends and family at the bar waiting for us. 

We had an awesome dinner, and then I was surprised with tickets to see Book of Mormon. Since my husband hates musicals AND Los Angeles, this was an incredibly awesome birthday present. 

On Saturday, we had a birthday brunch at Paradise cove, my favorite beach in Malibu. It was honestly the perfect day. Sunny, a little breezy and the day just felt like it kept on going. The bump was out in all it's glory for baby's first beach trip.  

While at breakfast, my best friend gave me her computer to watch this video. Apparently, she had been contacting people who I've known through my first 30 years, and had them wish me a happy birthday. I felt the love from the east coast to the west coast. This video was one of the best presents I have ever received. It made me cry and laugh- sometimes simultaneously.
Thank you to everyone who had a hand in celebrating my birthday this weekend. 
I truly am the luckiest girl alive to have all of you in my life.

This month // April

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April at a glance...

Happy Wednesday!


DIY // Punk top knot

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I am absolutely loving this look for summer. E!"s The Fabulist shared this amazing top knot on their show last night. I couldn't wait to try it out. It's messy and so my style. 

here's a simple how to from E!

Step 1: Divide your hair, allowing the front of your head to be free, and put the back half of your hair securely in a tight and high ponytail. 

Step 2: Style the front portion of your hair, creating waves and texture. Our hair stylist used a flat iron to be able to create a natural ripple effect going down her hair, starting with a section closest to the scalp. 

Step 3: Finger comb the front of your styled hair and pin the portions into the back of your hair and ponytail. Careful not to use a brush here, as it can flatten the volume of the waves. 

Step 4: Once your hair is pinned into place, braid the portion of hair that is in the ponytail. Stylist tip: Before braiding, volumize this section with a teasing brush. It will allow your final top knot to appear fuller and thicker in the end result!

*It looked like they twisted rather than braided here. I'm going to try the twist. 

Step 5: Once you have completed the braid, don't finalize the loop with a rubber band. Instead, while holding onto the end of your hair, wrap the entire section of hair around the base of the ponytail. Pin the ends and any flyaways into place and you'll own the night in this finalized punk knot updo!

Happy Tuesday! 

To the Beach

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I started to close in on a theme for the nursery, and I thought it was amazing. Since then, I have seen nothing but Beach decor everywhere! I'm not complaining, I adore this type of decor. you just have to be careful or your home can look like a a crew ship very fast! These are a few of my favorite pieces. 

crab,anchor,lamp,bell jars,oar,tray,pouf,sign,whale (no longer available),sail boat

Here is a sneak peak of the Baby's room. Although we do not know what Baby K is quite yet, I'm pretty set on this direction. It's California Beach Baby. The whale and the "to the beach sign" are my favorite. 
I can't wait to show you more as soon as we start to get the room together.  

Happy Monday!