Just in time for Christmas!!

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I thought I'd share a few things on my Christmas wish list for this year- since it is just around the corner. Where did this year go?!
also.. below are some gifts for those hard to get for people!

1. These hair ties that double as bracelets AND they dont leave a crease in your hair! visit the link above to check them out!

2. A pretty gold monogram necklace. so timeless. I'm actually really feeling any kind of gold jewlery. Its kind of weird, i never thought i was a gold girl...

pottery barn

3. cable knit throws...i want more throw blankets than i know what to do with. I want one in my bedroom, three on my couch, one in my car...everwhere. I am ALWAYS COLD- and how can you not feel warm wrapped in something like this?
I have the second one and i love it! you can find it here.

4. new Nike Free +2 running shoes... my old ones have had it! These shoes are fantastic! The make you feel like you are running with nothing on your feet.. and if i plan to run 26.2 miles one day...i'm gonna need new shoes!!!

thats about all I can think of, but check out these other cool items for that hard to get person on your xmas list!

an awesome place for a fish.

the o.m.g. bag. perfect Medium size bag for Overnights or the Gym..get it??

best slippers EVER.

for the friend who needs "nothing"... a charitable gift

for your mom or your forgettable friend...

for the coffee lover who is tired of starbucks giftcards

In my ever present ( no pun intended...) search for the perfect christmas present, i will continue to share my finds...for now...good luck in your xmas shopping!!!

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