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Alittle organization goes a long way. Figuring out how to get organize my life is proving to be more difficult than I thought.
I love how this simple notebook from oh hello friend blog makes being organized look cute!
The simple and positive affirmations would be just enough to get you through a rough patch!

These organized spaces make me swoon. Sometimes organization of your clutter is all you need to not feel so overwhelmed with your space and/or life. Just Remember...everything has a home- and if it doesn't...find it a home.

Simple baskets and labels make a small bathroom space look tidy and clean.

I wish my home office looked like this!

The flush baskets in the wall are such a nice detail. Architectural and organized details!

Rain coat and umbrella in their "home."

I feel like my life looks like this fruit bowl... pretty on the outside yet a little disheveled on the inside with whipped cream on top...

I would love if it looked like this. My bowl- simply representing me. My spoon-my Brain trying to figure out what to pick up first and what to pick up next. The fruit- my work, my hobbies, my dreams, my freetime, my busy time, my friends and family...all different flavors, sizes and colors...all holding an importance to me. Now if someone could just arrange them in an order somewhat similar to the image above... that would be great!
(did you notice the polka dots were organized too?!)

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