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With the "first weekend of summer" upon us, I thought i'd share my favorite summer lazy hair look.
 Last summer, I had a client who gave me some beach mist spray. I had never used it before, having straight hair, I didn't think i could use it. I spritzed and sprayed and fell in love. It added texture and brought out my layers and gave me this messy look like i had walked right off the beach. 

Here is a simple DIY beach spray from The Everygirl

What you will need:
1 Spray Bottle (you can find these in the travel section at any drugstore)
1 Cup of Warm Water (or enough to fill your bottle up half way)
1 Tbsp all-natural sea salt
1/2 Lemon (lightens your hair naturally in the sun)

*Extra Step: For moisture add 2 teaspoons of organic virgin coconut oil.
Combine all of these ingredients in to your spray bottle and shake it up! It's that easy!
Spray over hair in pieces, starting from your ends moving upward and texturize by scrunching or twirling pieces around your fingers. Apply right on to damp hair (perfect after a swim).

Here are a few of my favorite beach/ Sea Salt sprays

Happy Wednesday 


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