Organize My Life..please

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Call it nesting, or call it the death of my messy phase, or maybe it's the fact that we have shiny new floors in our home...I am seriously feeling the need for organization in our home. (pics of the floors to follow soon- once I figure out this whole organizing thing)

We have already purged and cleansed out most of the items in our home that we don't use. For example- the old towels we have had for the past 8 years! Man, it felt good to get rid of those blue towels. I swear that color haunts me! I feel like this weekend, a huge overhaul is needed. We don't have much storage in our little home, and now with all our new baby products- sippy cups- playmats- stuffed animals- we definitely need organization more than ever! I found this link- which light have to be my bible for a little bit- and these amazing baskets- my current obsession- pictured above are available at Joanna Gaine's shop. I would love to hear your organizing tips!

Speaking of baby stuff- Thank you to everyone who came to my beach themed baby shower! I was so overwhelmed by the love and laughter we all shared that day. I cried...thanks mom...and laughed and enjoyed so much of that day. Thank you for all the gifts. Lil' baby K is so lucky to have all of you in her life already!


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