Baby must haves...the first month

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this week, my little one turns one month old. I know. I feel like i just had her yesterday. They say that they grow so fast, and I never thought that it was really true- but seriously- she's so much bigger- so much more alert- and totally growing too fast. she hasn't even started hitting mile markers yet - like sitting up or getting teeth-but i feel like she's already gone from a newborn to an infant. 

That being said, I thought I'd share my favrotie things I've used on a daily basis to help me with my little Taylor.

clockwise from the top left:

Butt paste: this cream- I used for one day after noticing the start of a little redness on the cutest butt I've ever seen- and it was gone the next day. The good thing about this paste, is they always give it samples in every "you're about to be a new mom kit" so you probably wont have to buy this for a while.

Aden and Anais swaddle wraps: I must have received about 8 packages of these wraps! Apparently every other mommy out there also swears by these. I use these all day long. I wrap Taylor in them when she sleeps, when I'm holding her, when she is sitting in her swing. they are fantastic. not too hot, not too cold...just perfect.

Moby wrap: This has honestly saved my sanity some mornings. Although Taylor is an amazing baby- there have been some days- the days when I have the most to do- where she does not want to be put down. I put this on- and she snuggles against me, and I can get stuff done. Plus- I love feeling her so close to me.

Swaddle Me: I just recently was lent these by a friend. Taylor went from sleeping 2 hours and waking up fussy wanting to be held, to sleeping a solid 4 - 5 hours straight. There are a bunch of different types of swaddles- but i highly recommend these for nighttime. Eventually we will graduate to the Zippty zip or something like it!

Gumdrop pacifiers: Taylor likes to soothe herself with a pacifier. These are the ones she likes the most. Plus the little wipes they come with- we have one in almost every room.They also give you these in the hospital.

Bobby Infant Lounger: I was given this to borrow by another friend, and the first time Taylor used it- again she was out light a light. with no swaddle- she slept in this lounger contently- waking up here and there, but falling back asleep for almost 4 hours. an added plus, it's a complete pillow, so i dont have to worry about her falling into the whole in the middle like the original bobby- which is also a must have!

There you have it! My favorite things that helped me with my first month!


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