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Better late than never right??
On Sept. 6th, I had just about given up trying to help our little girl come out. The days prior I spent swinging on swings, walking as much as I could, doing squats, drinking a beer, and "using" my husband as much as I could to try to induce labor. But not that day. That day I spent the day sleeping in and then I went shopping for things for the house. My in laws were coming over and I wanted to make the guest room presentable, so I went shopping. Around 6 pm I was heading home... Feeling little kicks as I was driving back to the house. I ate dinner with my husband as usual, then headed to our bedroom to relax and lay down. My back had started to hurt and I started to feel only what I can describe as period cramps. Everything I googled said that this was the beginning of pre-labor and I'm not gonna lie, I was a little excited... 
Now, durning my the second and third trimester the right side of my stomach would get super hard, which I assumed was my little girl trying to stretch and try to get comfortable. 

So when this happened that night, it didn't alarm me. But then, it started to become more frequent. 20 minutes apart... 10 minutes apart... Then I went to the bathroom, and I saw what no preggo wants to see... Blood. Again..  Back to Google I went. Another sign of pre-labor. So back to bed I go. 
It's now around midnight, and I tell my husband what I'm feeling, and just to be ready, but I should be okay. From 12-3:30 I am feeling the tightness get more and more frequent, but it's not painful, so I don't wake up my husband. Finally I decide to go to the bathroom again with my "tightness" happening every 5 minutes now. This time, there's a lot of blood. Then I realize... I hadn't felt the baby move... Like really move... The way she use to... Since that drive home. I start to panic.... So very calmly, I wake up Dean and we are on the way to the hospital. I didn't care if she came that day or not... I just wanted to make sure she was okay and hear her little heart beat. 
Now the "tightness" which I assumed were Braxton hicks contractions, were about 1 minute apart. They wheeled me up, and strapped on a heart rate monitor. Her heart rate was really high. In the 170's. She was usually between 150 -160. I knew before they even told me it was too fast. I also had a fever.  They monitored me for an hour with oxygen and fluids and no changes. We had just called the family to let them know she would be here probably later in the afternoon now that it was sept. 7th. About 5 minutes later... The nurse comes back and says, "the doctor doesn't like that the baby's heart rate hasn't slowed down. We are gonna have to take her out." I said "when?" And she said "in 20 minutes."

ok then.

Now keep in mind. This hour went by with my contractions 1 minute apart and no pain meds. They were starting to hurt bad. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I didn't want anyone to touch me. Those 20 minutes couldn't go by fast enough. So we call the family again. "She'll be here in 20 minutes. Take your time" there was no need for them to rush. 
Meanwhile, the anesthesiologist comes in... Mid contraction... And starts to explain everything to me for what felt like 30 minutes. I couldn't take it. I just shook my head and said yes. He could have told me they were going to amputate my foot and put it on my forehead and I would have said yes. Whatever it took to take this pain away.  I felt like such a wuss. So after sir-talks-a lot was done, they wheeled me down the hall way and I was injected with the most glorious elixir of life into my spine. Instantly... I was in a MUCH better mood. I felt like I was moving... But couldn't feel anything. Five minutes passed and in comes my husband. All dressed in surgical gear. "You look so cute!!.... Wait...am I cut open?? " by the look on my husbands face, I was totally cut open. "Yea!! They are about to take her out! Oh my god (laughter) oh my god!"

At that moment... I see a nurse carry the smallest- whitest - blondish brown haired little baby by me and to the heating table. My first thought was "that's MY baby?!?!" And then I heard the doctor say she had pooped in the uterus, so they started sucking out her lungs for about 20 seconds. 20 seconds of not hearing her cry. Why isn't she crying? WHYISNTSHECRYING?!?! Then all of a sudden, I heard the most amazing sound I have ever heard. She finally took a huge breath and started her first cry. Instantly, I start bawling. They brought her to me, and I swear I have never felt anything so soft on my lips, I couldn't stop kissing her (still can't). After they put me back together, they wheeled me into the next room and there she was. Getting measured and washed. They brought her to me, placed her on my chest, and she instantly started to try to suckle. I started to breastfeed her, totally not knowing what I was doing. It amazed me that she did.She  knew exactly where to go, and just started to eat. 

I never knew how much my heart would want to explode watching my husband hold her,Watching her yawn, make little pouty faces. She was amazing. And we made her. And that's all that mattered. now she is three months old, and I cannot get enough of her. 

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