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Happy Monday, friends! 
I am usually a person who wears only a few pieces of jewelry. I like simple pieces, and I hardly wear earrings. Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box. They personalize a jewelry set for you each month with three pieces of jewelry with your style in mind. 

  • Create an account and create a style profile. This will help the stylists choose pieces that are more tailored to your style.
  • Browse and make a wish list. Super important- you will definitely get pieces from this wishlist in your sets!
  • Right before they ship out your box, they send out an email allowing you to exchange one item in your box for something else! I really love this because you get the chance to see what is coming, and you can get rid of a piece that you may not love so much!
  • Once your set comes in, you can wear and test out your set as much as you like, keep the pieces you love, return the ones you don't! you don't have to keep any of it, or you can keep all of it!


It's only $21 a month!
the best part- that $21 goes towards any piece you decide to keep!
you can also get more that one box a month- for no additional charge! all you do is return all of the jewelry pieces that you didn’t want to purchase and then your next box will be on its way! You are not limited on how many refreshes you get each month either, that is totally up to you!


Use code breeklipfelxoxo to get your first month free!


Sophie Harper: Cindy layering Necklace

I LOVE this necklace. The dual chain and simple pave pendants are the perfect layering look. 

These earrings made me feel girly. I loved that they were black and white. If you know me, neutral color tones make me soooo happy. 

I usually cannot stand studs. There's something about them that makes me feel childish. I added these to my wishlist just to try, and I have to say- I didn't mind them. I loved the shape, and the modern edges. 

If you have any questions about rocksbox, let me know! 
Dont forget if you want to try out Rockbox, use code breeklipfelxoxo to get your first month free!


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