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So if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been wearing the bellefit corset since giving birth to my son. Let me first start by saying that I was given this corset in exchange for my honest opinion. 
Now that being said- let me start by giving a little background...

I had my daughter in 2014 and I had used the belly bandit bamboo wrap to try to take a handle on my postpartum belly. I wore it day and night and still after 8 weeks, my belly looked like this.

8 weeks Postpartum with my daughter

During my pregnancy with Gavin, I knew I wanted something else to help with my postpartum belly. A girlfriend asked if I knew about Bellefit and I hadn't heard of them- so I started following them on Instagram. I was extremely interested in them since this girdle seemed more intense than the belly bandit. 

Initial thoughts: Upon my initial contact with the company- they have amazing customer service. I always love when a company has great customer service- it makes a huge difference to me. (shoutout to Myriam!) I was amazed with how fast my girdle came, and how well the product was made. I got the girdle when I was still pregnant, and I tried it on with my pregnant belly. I got the XL (according to my rep, this was the size girdle I needed. They have a size chart on their website  in case you don't know what size you need. 

Can you see it through your clothes: I tend to think I have a bigger rear end, so I could tell it was on thru my jeans and leggings because the corset was a little tight on my cheeks (if you will). I used the extender in my crotch area to try to fix this, and it seems like it did. This didn't really bother me too much since I tend to wear tunic tops and long sweaters. My girlfriends all said they couldn't see it, so there's that. 

Does it make you sweaty? Well, I had my son in September, and I live in california- so it's super hot. The corset is made of thick material, and I was sweaty, but I can't say that this was the corsets fault. My hormones are super out of whack so they could be to blame. I only wore the corset at night a few times.

How did it make you feel? I can honestly say that when I'm wearing my corset I feel incredibly supported. I remember with my daughter I had to have a pillow on my lap for when I coughed or laughed. When I am not wearing the corset, I feel a little tender, and like my incision area is really irritated. When I have my girdle on, I do not feel this way. I feel like my posture is better, and for lack of better words, like my stomach isn't going to fall out. 

When are you going to stop wearing it? I honestly don't know. I plan on wearing it until I can start working out and get cleared by my doctor. My doctor actually told me to keep wearing it after my initial check up. 

How does it fit? So I'm not sure if my story is typical, but I started out with an XL. I wore it for two days, and I was already on the tightest clasps after one day. I ordered a large, and I have been wearing it for almost 30 days. It was snug at first, but now I have been on the tightest clasp on my L for about 25 days. I actually just ordered a medium. I also used the extender pieces to help the corset fit more comfortably. 

Did it work? I can say without a doubt, This girdle has helped tremendously. I not only feel super confident, I feel like my recovery time has cut down so much. I am 5 weeks postpartum and I feel better than I did after 8 weeks with my daughter. I felt like previously I had to work out like crazy to get my stomach back to where it was pre-pregnancy, and with this girdle, I almost feel like my postpartum stomach looks better than my pre-pregnancy stomach looked! minus a few stretchmarks...

Plus, here's some benefits of a postpartum girdle:

Faster bounceback rate
Tummy support
Flattens your tummy & hips
Prevents enlargement of fat cells
Straightens your spine
Heals Diastasis Recti
Helps compress your uterus to not only return the uterus to its original size, but to help swelling go down and extra fluid come out.

Is it worth it? yes. 100% yes. The price of the bellefit is a little high, but if I had known how well it worked before I purchased, I definitely would have ordered without hesitation. Plus with the coupon codes they offer, it brings the price down to be comparable to other belly wraps.

if you are interested in the bellefit corset, click HERE you can use code WTG720 and get 20$ off your order!

here are my results..

39 weeks 5 days pregnant

2 days postpartum - in hospital

 Morning of my c-section and after wearing bellefit corset for 30 days.

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