Life without walls

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The arched windows and unfinished ceiling are what draw me to lofts. Can you imagine the night time view?

The fireplace as the focal point in this loft makes a large space feel cozy.

The two images above are for my brother. He recently just got a loft in Colorado. When I saw this Loft, I immediately saw him living there. The vintage furniture with the white walls and large prints give this space a great mixture of new and old. Its got just enough Bauhaus for me.

I have always had a design crush on lofts. I mean what more could a designer want? No walls = no rules. A Loft has endless possibilities-a blank canvas. I love the industrial, unfinished look of the buildings. The unfinished exterior with a finished interior. Its a perfect relationship.

This last image is a rendering of one of my very first school design projects. Only a made up space, but a space that I made up, and would live in in a heart beat...and oh's a loft too!!!

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