"Hi Muhhhma's Mama!"

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I have always been told that i look like my mother. I joke and tell people that i am her exact carbon copy. And honestly, If i look like her when i am her age, i can only be so lucky.

My Mother at 17 years old

My mom was homecoming queen...

 Our family photo..pure California style 

My sister and me with our mom on her wedding day.
Doesn't she look gorgeous?

 Did i mention she's a Grandma...with her Two grandkids, Brodie and Lotte

 and now to the woman who i hold in the highest regard. My grandmother. Thats her in the middle with my brother on her lap...looking up to no good none the less. Behind her is her brood- minus two! Thats Right...My mother was one of eight.
 I recently asked my grandmother how many kids she had when she was my age...at the time i was 25...and she looked in the air, and said so matter-of-factly, "four...i had four." and as my jaw dropped, i realized, at that time, she was only half way done.  With none of her kids in jail...or addicted to drugs...She managed to have 8 healthy...kids...my aunts and uncles. I can only hope that I have an inkling of her motherly- kid raising skills, and can be half the woman she was...and still is.
Most Importantly, in this picture...are all of my aunts. 
Happy Mothers day to you all.
You have all taught me serious life lessons who made me the person I am today. 
Thank you for being in my life, and being an important part of my mother's.



Happy Mothers Day Mom. 
I love you...More than you know, and more than I show.

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