La Famila

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 Today i spent time with my Dad's side of the family. My Father's Family History is not only intriguing, but it is vanishing with the elder family members. When I get the chance to thumb through old photos, I find myself lost in a different time. I will always remember my great uncles and my grandfather as loving family men, telanovela watching jokesters. Some of these pictures make them look like such gangsters...

 Check Out these old picture books...they have such beautiful edge details to the images.

 My Grandfather in the middle

How I will always remember them

This picture is of my Uncle Bill. Always makes me smile...

It makes me so proud to know that my family had a hand in such a big part of horse racing and sports history.

They will always have such a swagger to me.
It amazes me how handsome they look, my grandfather on the left ( where i got my cheekbones) my Tio Guillermo on the right, and my Great Grandfather in the middle.

Have a happy weekend!

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