What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I am officially making a habit! Wednesdays are turning into what i'm loving wednesdays...and today...i'm loving empty frames. if they are pretty on their own..why put anything in them?! You don't have to!!

This idea is an easy DIY project. a little white paint, old book pages, scissors and old flea market frames, and you are in business!

or a little yellow paint..

neon green paint...and a cute dog...

I love the mix of old pictures, and framed objects.

Perfect for over the bed...frame your zzzz's! 

frame a frame around a frame! and the gold...::sigh::

This was my own little frame purchased from my dear friend Kathy- a flea market pro- i was going to frame the wall paper paintings (a diy project i did in less then two hours!!), But decided not to... This wall was a "lets see how it looks" and now, its starting to grow on me! I guess once i collect more frames, we will make my oh so pretty white friend not so lonely!

Happy Wednesday! 

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