Happy New Year!

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Its officially 2012! 
Last year was amazing! A couple of close friends got married...I got married.
More friends..seven to be exact had babies...
My Dad moved across county... so did my best friend.
Alot of changes and a lot of new beginnings.
2011 was amazing and i cannot wait to see what 2012 brings.
For now, i thought i'd share my New Years Resolutions.i figured this way, 
i might stick to them this year!

1. BE INSPIRED: I want to finally take the IDEX exam, and start designing homes and or my own business. Hopefully one day I can be a design icon like Kelly Wearstler. Hotels...a fashion line...accessory line...I can only hope!

2.BE FIT: I need to keep training and not give up on not only trying to be healthy, but to make it through my half marathon in three weeks! Hopefully one day, I can make it to the full marathon!

3.BE MOTIVATED: I need to be motivated in health and fitness, but in life in general!

4. BE A BETTER FRIEND: I plan to visit my Best Friend on the east coast! I always say I will, and  I never do...not this year! Get ready Jill!!!

5. BE HANDY: I want to re-do the back yard and make it a place we can relax in the afternoons. I want to fix it up with my husband and make it our project. Not only the back yard...everything in this house. I want to make it a home...together.

6. BE DOMESTICATED: Speaking of my husband...even though we haven't even been married a year yet, I want to try to be more of a domesticated housewife. As funny as that sounds, we all know i can be a little messy and i can't cook to save my life...which is my next resolution...

7. BE RESOURCEFUL: I plan on cooking more and learning from anything and anyone I can!

8. BE CONSISTENT: I have a ten year journal. Its pretty much one of the best things I have ever bought myself.. I plan on writting about every day, no matter how boring the day may be! A small glimpse of that day for ten years. 

9. BE HAPPY: Life is too short to not be grateful for what God has given me. I am a healthy, loved and blessed person. I have an amazing husband who adores me. I have a family who is incredibly strong. and I have constant reminders of them which make me smile all day long. And being sad is so draining!

I know I had a few!

What are your resolutions?!


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