A Few DIY Projects

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Last year, My Father moved across the country and left his home for me and my husband to enjoy while he was starting a new adventure in Connecticut. Being a designer, I instantly wanted to spruce up the house that I was born and raised in. Saddly, I did not take many pictures before we gave the house a face lift with new paint, but here are a couple of projects I did to take up the big wall spaces that were driving me crazy!
Among other things...dont mind the blue carpet...it's going next!!
Its amazing how much a small change can make a big difference. 

Living room wall before:

 Living Room wall After:

a little DIY wall art...
a little inside joke between me and my one and only.

*contact me for pricing or custom pieces*

 Master Bedroom Wall Before:

Master bedroom During:

excuse our laundry!

Master bedroom wall After:
my empty frames are just waiting for me to get my wedding pictures printed...one thing at a time!!


all Images are belong to Bree Klipfel 

Still a work in progress as far as getting accessories to style my new shelves, but I love them!!
The best part is that these Ikea shelves are so easy to hang up...you can do it yourself, but it's nice to have some help!!

Thanks for reading!!

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