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of you know, I'm not usually a silver girl. Lately I have been going through a bit of a gold rush. First I fell in love with oversized gold watches. Now, I've found a new found gilded gold love. Her Name is Jennifer Fisher and I'm officially obsesed with her Jewlery and I'm sure you will too! With customizabe charm neckalces, edgy pendants, cuffs, earrings and rings, Her Jewlery line has something for everyone. 

all images via Jennifer Fisher

One of the pendants that I would personally choose...

I love the way this cluster of pendants looks!

Abstract chevron...I love it...

This bar ring makes me drool...
"Pulse" Ring. makes my heart beat...Literally!

This cuff is amazing.

This Gothic Pendant necklace makes an awesome alternative to the monogram necklaces!

Happy Weekend!!!

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