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Instagram is by far one of my favorite Iphone apps.
A couple of people asked me recently what apps I use to create my Instagram Photos. I had to ask someone, so I figured why not share the wealth.

Here is the original photo I started with...

Photoshop express

For those of you familiar with photoshop, this app has most of the same overlays and photo enhancement features as the regular photoshop. I only have the free version, however, you can just take a screen shot of the "upgraded" version because it still applies the affect to your photo. 
I mostly use this app to make the picture look a little better. For instance, i removed a little bit of the noise in the image below by sharpening it up a bit. 

Here are a few other images manipulated by The Photoshop express App.

sunburst overlay

Cinematic filter

Warm vintage Filter

Noise reducer. also known as wrinkle remover. 
I did a little too much reducing here. 

Brick overlay


This is the app that i probably use the most. I love it! 
you simply chose a photo, tap on the text and change it to what ever you want it to look like. You can use different fonts, different sizes, colors and you can darken or lighten the image. I upgraded to get more fonts, but the fonts below are all on the Basic $1.99 app.


Centered in a different font

Flanked Right

Picture Magic

This app is another free app, and for a free app it has a TON of different things you can do! 
Similar to the Photoshop app and regular photoshop software you can use the multiply,overlay,darken,lighten, dodge and burn options. 

You can also do other fun features like posterize and Subtense.

Below is my favorite effect. It's called Mosaic splash. It makes it look like you are censoring parts of photos. 

Idiots Annonymous.

Pic stitch
Picstitch is great for adding labels, not like over, it actually has tape, colors and other backrounds for the labels. There are also a few fonts to choose from.You can also add frames and adjust the frame ratios yourself by just holding and moving the actual border.


Instaeditor I use from time to time to add different effectsto my photos similar to the standard ones from instagram. It is almost impossible to tell which ones i used this app with and which ones I did not, so below are a few images that I used all of my instagram apps for!


I hope this helped you or inspired you with your instagram collection!!!
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Happy Tuesday!!

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