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Yes. This same one.

I have been eating Chia Seeds for quite a bit now, and I have to say, this little seed packs a big nutritional punch. you can bake with them, drink them, or wash your face with them. 
Seriously. Give these little guys a chance.

Glowing Skin Face Mask 

For Chia Gel:
1 cup cool water
1¾ Tbs. chia seeds 

1. Mix ingredients together in sealable container with whisk, and let stand 4 minutes. Whisk again, and let stand 10 minutes more.

 2. Whisk again, seal, and store in refrigerator for up to two weeks. Adjust amount of chia seeds as desired for thicker or thinner consitency.

Use 2—3 Tbs. of chia gel as a face mask. Apply to clean skin, let sit for 15—30 minutes, and remove with a warm, moist washcloth.

The benefits of Chia seeds:

  • 100% more Omega-3 Fatty acids more than Salmon
  • Double the Antioxidants found in Blueberries
  • 41% of your Daily Fiber, More than Flax seed
  • 6X more Calcium than Milk
  • 32% of your Daily Magnesium, More than Broccoli!
  • Each seed is 16% of complete veggie protien
  • 6x more iron than Spinach
  • 64% more Potassium than a banana
  • more Niacin than corn, rice and soy
  • All for less than 85 Calories!!!!

Some other uses for Chia seeds:

weight loss :To curb appetite, mix 1 Tbs. of chia gel with room-temperature water, and drink either before a meal or when hunger strikes between meals. If you prefer, flavor it with fresh lemon, lime, and/or stevia.

DESSERT TIPSubstitute almond, hemp, or other milk for water in gel recipe, and add dried fruit, shaved chocolate, and/or a natural sweetener.

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