DIY Chalkboard

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Items needed:
Thrifted Frame $20-45
Particle Board $5.99 + $0.25 for cuts 
chalkboard paint $5.39
Paint brush
You can get paint brushes from any craft store. This one came in a set I use for painting acrylic.
I first measured the inside of the frame. be sure to measure from the back of the frame, not the front so that your Particle board is cut to fit where the glass would go.
I got mine at the Do-it Center. They will cut it to size for you was well.
I painted side to side strokes to make sure I didn't have any random brush strokes
once the paint dried.

Like this...
I had to paint a couple of coats to get the Look I wanted.


Using a chalkboard artist I saw as inspiration, I drafted it out the sign by drawing it on a small 8x11 piece of paper then drew it again "roughly" on my chalkboard.
Then using a wet paper towel and a little bit of patience, this is how it turned out.

A little imperfections here and there, but I love the way it turned out!

I plan on using and changing this chalkboard year round! I think it's a fun way to get creative with out breaking the bank!
Happy Tuesday!

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