Holiday DIY Present

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Recently I had a Christmas Party with all my girlfriends. I wanted to give them a little present but I didn't want to break my wallet. These little gems cost me about $1.25 per glass. 

Here is what you will need:
Glasses: $1.00 each
Glass Markers: < $5.00

I put my hand inside it like this to write a cute phrase.
I chose: "May you enjoy many happy hours"
I thought it was appropriate for me and my boozing friends.

Then, simply start to make dots in a pattern until you've gone all the way around the cup. 
I made my dots about the size of a dime. 

 Boom. Easy, inexpensive holiday present.

Hope you had a great Chirstmas! 


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  1. I LOOOVED my glass... Still love it, in fact. Thoughtful and creative - perfect combo.