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If you have ever taken pictures with me, you know I love to do a thing called "Ugly Face Contest." The rules are simple. No hands, ugliest face wins. Recently Pleated-Jeans did a post about pretty girls making ugly faces. I find these images absolutely amazing. I love seening the before and after. I actually laughed out loud at a couple!

 photo Screen-shot-2013-02-07-at-9_19_51-AM_zps4283bf25.jpg

 photo Screen-shot-2013-02-07-at-9_20_55-AM_zps32d04528.jpg

 photo Screen-shot-2013-02-07-at-9_16_49-AM_zps94eb2b0b.jpg

 photo Screen-shot-2013-02-07-at-9_16_35-AM_zps9c7ef4f3.jpg

 photo enhanced-buzz-3383-1360134319-2_zps1ee74c4d.jpg

 photo enhanced-buzz-2485-1360260991-0_zps869b7c28.jpg

 photo mCMXXPD_zps02e4225e.gif

Even Models do it too! 
below- Brooklyn Decker....well done. 

 photo enhanced-buzz-20430-1360260421-4_zps4258f013.jpg

I love the hands of the girl in the middle. It helps sometimes to make your hands ugly too. 

Here are a few of my best ugly faces... even my wedding pictures weren't safe. 

Happy Ugly Tuesday!


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