Top ten best TV Dads

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ok, okay ! I know that some of these dads are not the best father figures, but they are the some of the most humorous Fathers I have ever seen.

10. George Costanza- Seinfeld
I wasn't the biggest Seinfeld fan, but I always laughed at this grumpy mug.

9. Philip Banks- Fresh prince of Bel-air
This man scared me most of the time...but i loved seeing him go from a disciplinary father to huge Teddy bear who cared for his nephew like a son.

8. Jason Seaver- Growing pains. Always so dapper with his sweaters and vests, and those witty comebacks when his kids got out of line. Brilliant.

7. Peter Griffin- Family Guy. I mean when your father is peter griffin, there a whole new set of daddy issues.

6. Frank Reynolds- Always sunny in Philadelphia. I don't watch this show often- but this pint size man made me laugh so hard in the "who pooped the bed" episode.

5. Mitchell and Cameron- Modern Family. These two kill me. Their portrayal of fathers raising a daughter is what I consider real life will be like...hope it's like!

4. Phil Dunphy- Modern family. Phil is the ultimate, kinda dumb, always funny Dad. I love his parenting skills, always bordering on extremely embarrassing.

3. George Bluth- Arrested Development. Who doesn't like a Father who lands you in a TON of legal trouble??

2. Dexter Morgan- Dexter. Oh Dexter. Is it weird that I'm kind of attracted to this "I'm a crazy serial killer that would do anything to protect my son?" he has going on?

1. Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor. Call me crazy, but watching Tim flirtatiously tease his wife and sarcastically raise his kids made me want to marry a man just like him. I have always had a man crush on the tool man. and now with his new show...he's basically the same man!


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