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So this project has been sitting in my garage for a while now. 
however- with that being said- this is definitely a one day project!

I realize that my pictures are really bad for a "how to post", so bear with me. 

I used all materials I already had, but here is what you will need:

A large piece of wood, like a decking post or beam that is either 6x6 or bigger. 
you can also use a smaller one, but just see what you like. 
you will also need a couple of 2x4's for the top and bottom pieces. 
paint ( i had extra from painting our home)
a double hook
long nails
a power saw ( or the nice guys at home depot or Lowes)
some twine and screws and chalkboard paint for the little sign.

So... like I said before, this was all from product I had. My mom recently redesigned her back yard with a new trellis and this was mostly extra wood from that. 
I measures my post, and I had a 5x7 post. I measured out my 2x4's and cut them so that I would have 1" overhang on each side, and 2" for the top piece. So I had 2 pieces that were only 1" bigger than my post on all sides, and 3 pieces that were 2" bigger than the post. 

Since my post was already the size I wanted it to be, I simply nailed the 2x4 pieces on to my wood post, then painted. While it was drying, I took some chalkboard paint and painted an old piece of scrap wood, tied some twine onto it, hung it on the post!.

My heart goes out to the families who were affected by the Firework accident in Simi Valley. 

Hope you are enjoying your Holiday weekend!


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