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Day one of blogtember: Where you came from

I come from a tiny town in ventura county.
Playing hide and seek till the sun went down.
Using the spare tire as "safe."
Drinking from hoses.
Playing with 11 boys on the street because I was the only girl.
Pretending to be pirates in the back of a "ship" truck.
Watching LA Kings in grold and purple.
Ice hockey tournaments on the weekends.
A huge family who loves huge family gatherings.
Weekends of AYSO and Horses.
Summer camps with field trips, crafts and swimming pools.
A divorce when I was 12.
Playing Volleyball and Field Hockey.
The 4th of july at Arroyo vista.
Football games on friday nights.
House parties on Saturday nights.
Lalos for special occasions or just because.
Highschool heartbreaks whiched turned out to be life lessons.
College- leaving my heart in San Diego.
returning home...meeting the love of my life.

This is where I came from.

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