Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wow it's been a while since I've posted  (22 days to be exact).
I have so many plans in the works right now, it's so hard to get a little free time to visit my little corner of the world wide web. 
 Holidays with family, visiting friends, a trip to New York, holiday shopping, a new DIY project in the works, and yoga. Those are the things on my mind.
My husband is taking me to my first NBA game. I'm pretty excited- not for basketball...but to see all the celebrities!
 Enjoy a few links from around the web....gift guides coming soon!!!

for the nights when you can't decide

can't wait to try this recipe!

be brave

hockey and BBQ...can't go wrong.

Do you hate showers?

B&W to color

Fun with statues

such an awesome tool

I mean, I think I love him.

My go to look for winter

no excuses this holiday season... use this app.

Have a great weekend!

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