Beach bag wish list

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For a while now, I have had the beach on my mind. 
I recently stumbles upon The beach people, and I have to say- their instagram is totally making my beach cravings stronger! 
these are a few things i have been coveting for my beach bag.
1. The beach people original round towel. Its just so cute and with the tassel edges...come on. 
2. this sexy one piece from planet blue. I am still not bikini ready- and this swimsuit although a little pricey- makes one pieces look uber sexy. i found a wallet friendly one at target!
3. a good beach hat. i have my go to fedora, but now that I'm getting older, i think a wider brimmed hat might be a good call! 
4. a bluetooth speaker- those waves have a good way of drowning out my iphone speaker- this little speaker is less than $30.00!!

Happy Wednesday!

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