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I miss when you wanted to fall asleep on my shoulder.
Sometimes, the stroller is the best way to get to nap time.
She has so many clothes. Why do I keep the same five on rotation.
N o t e  t o  s e l f - Change her into cute clothes after breakfast.
When he rocks her to sleep listening to Country still my heart.
Secretly cheering her on when she tries to stand and simultaneously feeling my heart break that she wants to grow up so fast.
I wish I could take all the pain from you caused by teething. the big ones s u c k.
I love that I have to trick you to eat dinner with ice cubes. Opens mouth for ice- gets a spoon full of food.
When she dances to any music..including cell phone rings.
Pulling in the drive way to see him holding and her face light up - seriously one of my favorite things.
Watching our little family make secret jokes and  mommy- daddy games, makes my heart swoon.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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