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Day 4: profess your love for a fellow blogger. I have had the pleasure to meet a couple of my fellow blog friends. they are life style bloggers, photo bloggers, fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers.

 I find the blog world funny. I see the pictures of people whose blogs I follow, and I love the glimpse of their lives they are allowing the world to see. I find it funny how much I familiarize myself with them.

Like today for instance, I saw the last name of a blogger I follow on a street sign and took a picture for her! As if I was going I send it to her in a text! Ha. I guess it's the thought that counts!

Anyways, here are a couple of blogs I love.

Just beachy by Amanda Boyce.
Amanda is my co worker and fellow blogger friend she is a writer and designer. I love bouncing ideas off of her for my blog. Her love of books, movies, design and Jeremy Renner keep me reading her blog.

Erin ever after by Erin.
This blog is the blog that made me want to start my own blog. I love her pops of color and imagery she uses. Although she doesn't post often, (who is judging... i only posted 4x in April) when she does it's totally worth it.

The daybook by Sydney Poulton
Sydney's blog is funny, adorable and incredibly inspiring. Before she was a mom, she posted fashion posts and awkward stories and I found myself laughing and copying her outfits. Now that she is a mom, I love seeing her mature and shift focus to her little man.

Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard
This blog makes me want to step up my game constantly. Her New York,
laid back style makes me wish I was raised on the East coast. Ok maybe not... But I would love to spend a month with her and learn all her secrets!!

The sign was for you Joanna!

Moorea seal by Moorea Seal
This girl, man. Not only is she an amazing jewelry designer, she is inspiring and so creative. She started the 52 list challenge and reading her lists make me want to be a more balanced person, and actually make my own dreams a reality.

Frankie hearts fashion by Nicole
Nicole has an amazing fashion blog. She has edgy looks, casual looks and romantic looks. the best thing about her blog- it has a shop that you can buy some of the items she actually wears. I had the pleasure of talking to Nicole a couple of years ago, and it's amazing and inspiring how much her blog and business has grown.

I follow a TON of blogs.
check out the side bar for more amazing blogs. 
These are only a few!


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