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The topic for Day 2 was Educate us about something you are good at. I thought about it all day. Should I talk about painting? designing? curling my hair? how good i am at drinking games? I'll do it later...super procrastinator.
I am super good at procrastination, so good,  I'm skipping to day three.
The topic for day 3 is Things that make me uncomfortable.

This made me laugh. I think at least once a day I get sweaty armpits from being uncomfortable. It's a little bit of a joke around my work place. I can honestly say that I get uncomfortable alot. I'm sure it's just me in my own head making myself uncomfortable... but here are just a few things that make me instantly throw my hands under my arms.

1. BUGS: I am absolutely terrified of bugs. spiders, bees, anything with wings. If I see one, I get jumpy, and hot and thus sweaty.
2. INAPPROPRIATE THINGS IN INAPPROPRIATE PLACES: I work in a design firm where i am on the computer all day. I tend to look up things while I'm working- and sometimes, my naive brain thinks the Internet thinks the same way I do, so when I mean to bring up a picture of a baby chicken, and type "cute chick" and a very inappropriate picture of a scantily clad dressed woman pops up on my screen...insta sweat.
3. ALL EYES ON ME: I guess this goes along the lines of public speaking...When I have a very exciting story to tell, or idea to bring up to someone important, or someone says to me in a meeting, " what do you think?" Thousands of things come to my mind. However- the words don't come out right. " yes- I think that's great-you know what I mean?" is what usually comes out. I get confused faces, some smiles, an opportunity blown and active sweat glands.

4. LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY: I don't do this often (unless watching AFV) but when i find something so funny that i cannot stop laughing, I make this ugly cry face, make a horrible laughing sound that resembles a horn, and I cry. Then, when trying to relay to someone what was so funny, it's impossible, enter no. 3 that makes me uncomfortable, and boom. Sweaty Bree.
5. RUDENESS: not so much when people are rude to me, but when I see someone being rude to someone else. It makes me extremely uncomfortable and I wish I had on extra deodorant.
6.BEING TOLD I'M PRETTY BY STRANGERS: Although extremely flattering, I find it very strange. It's not just being told I'm pretty, any compliment in general really- i feel like I'm being judged- good or bad- being judged really makes me uncomfortable.They are looking at me and I don't want to come off as ungrateful, or conceited, so I usually just smile awkwardly which I'm sure makes them want to immediately take back their compliment. I say something awkward, which makes me think said person is judging me, and then - you guessed it- I start to sweat.
That's just a few. hope you enjoyed reading about what makes me sweat.
Happy Friday!

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