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Last year I did a post about 12 memories from 2012 and 13 goals for 2013. I loved looking back this year at the goals I made for myself last year. I actually did this with some girlfriends and wrote them on a piece of paper and we gave our goals one of our girlfriends and she held on to them for a year. This month we get to open them. I honestly forgot what I wrote down!! I can't wait to see if we accomplished (or didn't) our goals!

13 memories from 2013

1. Getting a new car!
2.my husband getting a new car too!!
3. Passing my IDEX exam! I'm certified!!!
4. Going to the east coast with my family.
5. Seeing my baby sister graduate COLLEGE!
6. Going to a Red sox game.
7. Getting the best news of my life
9. Joining my yoga gym 
10. Starting my frame business!! (Thank you) 
11. Visiting my best friend in New York... And having it start to snow while seeing the Rockefeller Tree. 
12. Friends and family members getting engaged!!! Six to be exact!!!
13. Having the best year with my husband. We have grown closer and stronger than ever before. 
Goals for 2014
1. Be healthier
2. Be more balanced
3. Be more present
4. Continue my relationship with God
5. Start our family
6. 30 for 30.... Or close to 30.
7. Do a teatox
8. Go to yoga consistently
9. Start my own business and keep it healthy
10. Complete a book in less than a month.
11. Do #10 more than once
12. Keep up my 10 year journal and this blog
13. Learn a couple new recipes and master them.
14. Like always... Save more money!

What were some of your goals and resolutions??
Happy New Years everyone!


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