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Happy New Year! 
Okay, Okay- I know I'm about 6 months late... but better now than never right??
Last year I can honestly say was one of the best years of my life. I have so many memories that will last a life time, and that have changed my life forever. 

My little blog has suffered due to all these life changes, and hopefully once I figure out how to balance out being a mom, being a wife and my full time job, I'll find time again for my little piece of the internet...

Every year, my "idiots" and I get together and we write out goals for the upcoming year and seal them in an envelope. The following year, we get together and open them and see if we accomplished them. Pictured above are my resolutions from last year. It's so funny to see what we wanted a year prior. 
I am proud to say I was four for four!! 

Last year- I wrote out 13 memories and 14 goals, So continuing with tradition- Here are my memories from '14 and 15 goals for 15'.... i would love to hear yours!!

14 memories for 2014:

1. Found out I was pregnant.
2. Got new floors in the house! (finally)
3. had an awesome gender reveal
4. Had a super scary hospital visit
5. our roommate got married...
6. so did his best friend.
7. spent the summer in the pool due to my preggo belly.
8. Went to palm springs for my best friends 30th
9. Missed another best friends wedding, and totally broke my heart.
10. Had our beautiful little girl
11. Joined and lost weight as a beachbody coach.
12.Our friends Mary and Justin got married.
13. was surprised by my husband with a visit from my dad. something i'll never forget.
14. My best friend got married, and it was the first and only time i was a maid of honor.

15 Goals for 2015:

1. finish decorating the house- rid of clutter.
2. consolidate student loans
3. go to rise festival
4. go to a Dave Matthews Concert
5. go visit my dad back east
6. Design more
7. Make time for Creativity
8. Spend more time outside
9. Nourish my Marriage.
10. Make eating healthy and working out a priority.
11. Make time for friends.
12. Teach T baby sign language
13. Make more "me" time.
14. Finish the books on my kindle
15. Spend less time on social media and work on my own personal growth.

i found this manifesto on Pinterest. I absolutely love it. 

What are your goals for 2015? and since it's half way through 2015, have you accomplished any!??!


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