Happy Friday

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Finally this weekend is here!
With Halloween in the middle of the week, the candy and festive fun at work, this week seemed to be filled with four bittersweet fridays and one real one. 
I am glad to hear that things are looking up for the East Coast. 
It's funny, I had a friend say she felt like she was being too nice by letting her door open to complete strangers who didn't have power or running water and for asking people if they needed anything... I can only hope that everyone is worried about being too nice.
All of the East Coast, you are in my prayers and thoughts.  

Here are a Few links I found while stumbling through the Web:

I am obsessed with this song.

having a bad day? this will help.

A funny doormat.

a chair for lovers.

Started a new book. Have you read it??

Love citrus? you absolutely need this.

Some pretty amazing rooms.

Have an amazing weekend.

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