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Recently I had a friend give me this out-of-nowhere gift for my phone. 

 you can get it here.

I absoultely love it! It comes with this cute wallpaper for your phone too! 

I since then have found a few awesome accessories for the iPhone.

Bunny tails! Doubles as a stand too! I love this Silver one! 
There are so many other colors too.

ear phone plugs!

I always put my ID in the back of my phone. These cases were made for me. 

This one is a little more girly- and I love it

This case is by a company called carved. I highly recommend you check out their website. you can personalize them too!

This Charger is at the top of my xmas list...I love a stack of books on my nightstand, and this would be the best kind to ad to the stack!

This "Dock Smith" is absolutely amazing. Check out his store. By far the most naturally beautiful iphone docks i have ever seen.
Never too early to Shop for Xmas!

Happy Wednesday!

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