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Well see ya later, October. 
This past month I tried out a new plan of attack on my life. I found out that in order to be inspired I needed to surround myself with inspiring people. 
So last month I joined two "clubs."
First, I joined a gym. I started out by just wanting to be inspired by the "fit" people working out and now, I want to be my own inspiration. I'm working on being my own success story.

Second, I joined The Roost Tribe. If you have a blog, it's pretty amazing. She sends you tips, tutorials and neat downloads for you to use on your own blog. 
So with all this new knowledge, I spruced up my blog, added a couple of features and made my blog look the best it has since I started. 
If you remembered this post, I vowed to be more consistant with my posts and Journaling. Only took me three quarters of the year, but I decided to be more organized with my blog and in turn, it helped me be more organized in life. 

I found this amazing calendar.

Image via Brandi girl blog

You can find it here.
Brandigirl blog has amazing freebies for you bloggers out there!
This calendar not only helped me be more organized with my blog, but helped me plan out dinners, workouts, and other events that would have otherwise slipped my pre-unorganized life. 
I mean, it not only helped me orgainze blog posts through October but I now have all my posts thru January. 

I highly recommend it!! 

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