Work it out... LA kings style

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 I got this shirt from a Kings game giveaway, and they only had extra large. womp womp.

Then, I found this amazing DIY post  and I wanted to give it a go.

I tweeked it a lil...

step one: cut off sleeves, bottom hem and colar.

Step two: trim out the sleeves and neckline accordingly. I used another work out tank I love as a guide line.

Step three: cut a deep v in the back of the shirt. I made mine really deep so there would be a keyhole in the bottom. 

Step four: take the hem that you cut off cut it so that it's one long string, then pull and stretch to make it longer. 

Step five: pinch the back "straps" of the back of your tank and take the string from the hem and tie it in a knot right about where your sports bra splits, or where ever is comfortable for you.

Step six: here's where is can get a bit tricky. I did a cris cross wrap to make the pinched back. sorry I didn't take a picture, but here's a couple drawings I did to try to explain. 

Step Seven: tie a double knot at the bottom and cut excess string or tie in a bow. you can also cut the bottom of the shirt to be angled like the original DIY, but I opted not to. 

Step eight: Work it out and Go kings Go!!!

Happy Tuesday! 


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