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A couple weeks ago, I did a post about a series from Moorea Seals Blog called 52 weeks.
I sincerely enjoy doing these lists, and i'm sorry I haven't updated them in a while, but here are my weeks 2-10. 
You can download all her pdfs to create your own lists here.

 photo E0CD2D4C-B74A-46D2-BBCA-17463557F3CC-988-000000A5D90A6D47_zpsc1aa1682.jpg

 photo 7B4B4F71-8B6F-435A-84DA-B90E1E7D6E25-988-000000A5D56AF95D_zps3e6bcbed.jpg

 photo 769F3937-35A3-441A-A96D-E85907F9F651-988-000000A5D1B910DA_zps3a20ed78.jpg

 photo D1E42A96-9822-48DF-B64D-AACD27D5B1C1-988-000000A5C1014CCE_zps1967a60d.jpg

 photo 0ACFC13B-3BB6-40D3-930A-8681EDDA3097-988-000000A5C596FAE9_zps1ac4c32a.jpg

 photo C6AEBFC3-A2A6-4A5F-89DC-97A93733A324-988-000000A5CA1CA627_zps742ed983.jpg

 photo A9DDB8C5-231B-46B4-BEDC-78CC08823CF2-988-000000A5CE009E37_zps01674197.jpg

 photo 8A53BFA3-E5C4-4DFF-9BB1-8EBAAFF92222-988-000000A5BD73F919_zpse604be9c.jpg

 photo 54B433C1-F841-4639-832D-9D8DD93363C4-988-000000A5B927383F_zpsa5426f91.jpg

Phew! if you are still here thanks for reading! I know it was alot! i just wanted to get caught up! 
If you are having problems setting goals, remembering who you are, or just plain thinking straight, I highly recommend this series. I am a firm believer that if you want something or need to get something out, writing it down is a away to put it in the universe to either manifest great things, or simply to get rid of hindering things. 

Happy Wednesday!

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