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My apologies for the long post in advance!


Recently, my best friend was cleaning out her guest room closet. She found things like a Paula Abdul, Vanilla Ice and Madonna cassette tapes and a fourth grade year book in which I told her "have fun, stay young and drink Pepsi." I was super cool in fourth grade, and apparently a spokesperson for Pepsi.

She also found handwritten notes from me, describing the angst of my 6th grade world crumbling to pieces. I was also a little bit dramatic.

My favorite thing she found was her list of 100 life goals. Some made me smile, some made me laugh (what happened to #22??), and some make me proud to call her my best friend.
I am actually happy to announce that she actually completed most of them, even though she only wrote down to #34.


It made me think, what did I want to be when I was little? What goals did I want to accomplish? Without a list of goals to keep track, it kind of scares me that I don’t remember what I wanted to be...
With my life about to start another chapter-growing in my career and the possibility of starting a family-I can't help but wonder what my 39 year old self would think of my 29 year old self's goals and accomplishments. What would be on my list of 100 goals now vs. then?

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Since I’m a sucker for mason jars, and would probably lose the actual list if had one, I thought that making a memory jar would be so much more me. I want to make a time capsule of sorts, with pictures, anniversary cards, trinkets, and hand written notes from my 20 something self, to my 30 something self. I think it would be so amusing to see the advice, stresses and fears that I have now compressed to a tiny jar, and then one day- open them and be able to look back and see how silly they were and smile.
If you are still reading this... Thank you!
Happy Thursday!




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  1. I really like the idea of putting my life into a mason jar. That would be really fun to look through in ten years. Also, very tough to cram it all in one mason jar. I think I would have to have several lol. I think our blogs are mason jars of sorts...

    I wanted to be a famous singer for the better part of my childhood; I wanted five kids, then three, then two... now I'm not so sure; I wanted to be a teacher; I wanted to design houses. I'm not sure what other ideas I had as a kid. I didn't make a list either.