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Summit Ridge Etsy Shop makes a beautiful water color representation of city or neighborhood maps from around the world. I love how abstract they look until you ealize it's actually a map. I think having three or four of these in a gourping is a great way to personalize artwork in your home. i absolutely love this one of Paris.
Paris, France

 Denver, Colorado
Manhattan, NY
Boston, MA
If  you are feeling crafty and or you are techno savvy, here's a great way to DIY!
It would be nice to put your own spin on it and try to copy the images below by hand. is a website that you can do it yourself- and the best part- it's free! Just enter a city and it comes out like below. If you like the color in the original map- great! you're done, if not, you can play with it to make it look how you way in any image manipulation software.
I saved the image and took it into photoshop, converted to black and white, then added a blue color overlay, or I left it alone.
Moopark, CA
(original version)
Moorpark, CA
(photoshoped version)
I took a couple of places near and dear to my heart and made them look how I wanted.
I'm thinking in my guest room I might have to add some new "art." 
 Central Park
I fell in love with New york here.
Gottigen, Germany
Girls trip to Germany
San Diego, CA
Too many memories to name.

Saint Marteen
Honeymoon spot
 Have fun traveling through the World in watercolor!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love this idea... I have been wanting to do this for a while, I had the idea to frame maps of all the places Matt & I have traveled... the list is short for now, but hope to add more. Thanks for the do it yourself link, so cool!